room Narodni trg, Split

phone +385 99 498 1888

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On the main square, in the very heart of the city - one of Split's most special and loved gastro-hedonistic spots.

We started out as a café bar but with the intention to be different than others. So we put every atom of energy into the beautiful methamorphosis and after one year of work the well visited café bar turned into an amazing bistro offering creative dishes that blow your mind. Once again we put all our passion and love to give the best.

NoStress - where life happens.

a m b i e n t

The name NOSTRESS describes our life philosophy, the same mindset we believe we share with you.

Easy going but with dignity we approache each and every guest getting a cheerful feedback and mouth-to-mouth recommendation in return.

We are grateful to everyone who helped us build Nostress to be a succesfull story we are proud of, grateful to all our domestic and foreign customers who believed and supported our ideas.

Besides absolutely dominating food, NOSTRESS offers live streaming of life going on in front of you while you are savoring delicious food and make your hearth filled with happiness.

Find time for yourself.

f o o d

Whenever you feel like it's time to live & relax you know where to find us.

We will be happy to receive your message and/or call.

You know where to find us (Pjaca, Split) and how to contact us
+385 99 498 1888
if you would like to make a reservation, or get any information that will help you plan your next visit.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The heartbeat of Split.